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Mineral Oil – Why You Should Avoid It

I’m a huge fan of body oils.  I prefer a good body oil over body lotion any day.  Drugstore body lotions and shower gels are almost always filled with mineral oil – aka The Devil of the skincare and body care industry!  It actually requires effort to find a body lotion or shower gel without this stuff in it!  Read the rest of this entry »

I must be a Mermaid. 

Read the rest of this entry »

Lauren Lorraine ‘Ibiza’ Crystal Sandal

I just have to share these gorgeous sandals!  They are Lauren Lorraine ‘Ibiza’ Crystal Thong Sandals and they are so stunning.  They are even prettier in person!  I posted a video of them on my Instagram, so please go check that out, because they are so so so beautiful!  These are the beige, but I fully plan on buying the silver as well.  If you’re getting married and don’t want to wear heels, these sandals would be perfect!

You can buy them at Nordstrom for $108.95.

Most Requested Lipcolor

Just a quickie today, but I always get asked about this lipgloss/lipstick/lipcolor on Instagram and in real life.  This is actually a combination of two lip products!  Read the rest of this entry »

My New Therapist: Evo Hair Care

Evo is a professional, salon-only range of hair care products that I’ve become obsessed with since my hairstylist introduced me to them.  My favorite is their The Therapist line of products.  Free of sulphates, parabens, DEA, and propylene glycol, I feel good about putting this on my scalp.  This range helps to strengthen hair and reduce frizz.  It’s also amazing for color-treated hair!  The Great Hydrator is a to-die-for leave-in conditioner.  I use it about once every other week, or when my hair is feeling particularly coarse or unmanageable.

My hair has never been so soft before!  It is so silky, shiny, smooth and gorgeous.  And the products smell amazing too!

I can buy it at my salon for about $28 per product, but I prefer to get it on Amazon for about $18 instead!

I snapped this picture immediately after leaving my last salon visit.  Obsessed!

EstheticianBabe Is Back!

I’ve been gone from blogging since Christmas, which is terrible, I know!  But I have been working so much overtime and have been stressed at work that it’s been extremely hard to keep up with blogging.  When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my husband, my dogs, and sleeping!  But I definitely plan on being back and blogging routinely because I truly love it!

I’ve ordered a few new products that I cannot wait to try and share with everyone, so please stay-tuned!

Here is what I’ve been up to until I get a more official blog post up:

I’ve been obsessed with epic salads filled with superfoods, healthy fats, and antioxidants!

When I do have free time, I’ve been lounging by the pool.  The weather has finally warmed up into the 80s and I can start enjoying the sunshine again.  Of course, I wear sunscreen!

This beautiful Key West sunset was captured in February.  Too gorgeous not to share.

More epic salads.

Super yummy red potatoes I sauteed in olive oil and seasoned to perfection!

And me, this morning, with no makeup on, no filters, nothing.  Just bare-faced and sleepy.  :)

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!  I’m so sorry for the insane lack of posts lately.  I’ve been working overtime and when I’m not working, I’m either with my husband, sleeping, or at my new favorite spot: Bikram yoga classn (more on that later!).  Blogging has really taken a back seat over the last few weeks.  I thought I’d share just a few things I was lucky enough to receive from my husband and family.  Read the rest of this entry »


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